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  • DASYLab Pro


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DAQ application development tool

DASYlab (Data Acquisition System Laboratory) is a software tool designed to build software control and measurement applications. The package implements a graphical programming language that frees the application designer from cumbersome programming with traditional techniques such as VB, C, C ++, VC, Delphi, etc. The designer "draws" the algorithm for acquiring, processing and imaging acquired data in the form of a block diagram containing interconnected "blocks" representing individual functions (eg, reading 128 samples from 8 channels, scaling, averaging, plot of amplitude vs time). DASYlab allows the designer to focus on the algorithm itself, not on the tedious coding.

DASYlab is offered in several variants with a varying number of functional modules.

DASYLab Pro:

  • Full range of signal analysis functions
  • GPIB and RS232 support
  • Network protocols support
  • DAQ card support (MCC, NI, Advantech and many more)
  • No restrictions on the number of blocks, 200 layers
  • Sequencer (running a series of tests)
Free trial version (28 days) download 


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