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CANbus products: adapters, converters, software, accessories, etc.



  • Adapters

    Computer's buses/interfaces for CAN and CAN FD

    About CAN-FD learn more

  • Converters

    CAN signal converters to optical signal (fiberoptic), CAN "single wire",
    "low speed", LIN, etc.

  • Software

    Software tools for CAN bus, analyzis, loggers, graphical presentation,
    virtual instruments

  • Routers, gates

    Gateways and routers CAN, wireless, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

  • Diagnostic devices

    Diagnostic devices, displays, simulators

  • CANbus Data Loggers

    Stand-alone CAN / CAN FD network frame data loggers, also with Wi-Fi

  • Accessories

    CAN bus accessories, cables, terminators

  • I/O modules

    Analog and digital inputs & outputs modules with CAN/CAN FD interface

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