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DASYLab Lite
  • DASYLab Lite

DASYLab Lite

Tax excluded
Creation of DAQ applications (near 40 functions)

DASYlab (Data Acquisition System Laboratory) is a software tool designed to build software control and measurement applications. The package implements a graphical programming language that frees the application designer from cumbersome programming with traditional techniques such as VB, C, C ++, VC, Delphi, etc. The designer "draws" the algorithm for acquiring, processing and imaging acquired data in the form of a block diagram containing interconnected "blocks" representing individual functions (eg, reading 128 samples from 8 channels, scaling, averaging, plot of amplitude vs time). DASYlab allows the designer to focus on the algorithm itself, not on the tedious coding.

DASYlab is offered in several variants with varying number of functional modules.

DASYLab Lite:

  • No signal analysis module
  • Limited number of mathematical functions
  • Limited number of DAQ control functions
  • No GPIB interface support
  • Limited number of blocks (up to 32), one layer
Free trial version (28 days) download 

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